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Author Comments:

Chiibi, April 23rd, 2008, 12:50 am

I phail at life XD - Sorry you had to wait so long guys. I know...I suck. DX I was very busy with a convention and schoolwork and then work. Yes, it's time to return to my part time job. Ugh. I hate it sometimes. I really want to quit. But I can't x_x

I've also been trying to study on how to become a better manga artist. Nyar....

Anyway...I do like this page a lot. It was a challenge but I feel accomplished! I've never drawn characters sitting at their desks at that angle...and I even drew the chairs by hand and not with the photoshop line tool. XD Tried the desks too but failed miserably. ;_; I'm trying to be less lazy. Oh and the top panel with Mitsuki hanging her head like that? That WAS SO HARD URMG!! @_@ Cause you know, this time I couldn't look at myself in the mirror...I even tried to make a little model (I use models, dolls, and figures quite a bit for references when I draw!!) but clay and hair are not the same consistencey, therefore it was too stiff and finally I was saved by finding a KKJ image for reference. Hardcore KKJ fans may know which scene it is, but I'll give ya a hint: it's a shot of Maron in volume six. XD
So yeah, thank you, wonderful Tanemura Arina-sensei...;____;

@Riku fangirl: No spoiler questions please!! XD That's the one thing I'm against! I just want everyone to keep reading...if they can tolerate my procrastination. T_T
I'll lay it on the line...I like drama, I like angst, and I am going to do something at the end of the doujinshi that will...most likely shock every reader here...except my partner in this, because since she helped write the story, she already knows. XD
But I'm pleased with the ending. Very very pleased with it...and I think many others will love it too. ^_-

@Kyoko: Thanks for reading! The rest...will be a bit of a wait...XD but I can't wait either!

@Yukihime: Arrrrghhhh I have such problems with Viz's translations...although it is hard to get around this one....Japanese can't seem to tell the difference between "r" and "l"...but in the Japanese alphabet, there really IS no "l". I guess that...as a shinigami, it COULD be "Lio" but when Izumi was a human, it was "Rio" because Arina used the kanji "ri" and there is no kanji for "li"....arrrrrgh this is so hard to explain...XD All right, let's just say I went with his original name except I reversed it because I can't think of him as "Rio". He'll always be "Izumi" to me!
Oh thanks.^^ I think toning is the most fun part to do.

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Oh well I dont like Eichi so I asked *humph*

posted by Riku__fangirl on April 23rd, 2008, 8:00 pm


oh this page looks good :D

posted by flynfreako on March 15th, 2010, 12:51 pm

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