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Author Comments:

Chiibi, June 25th, 2008, 2:40 pm

- Arghhhhhh SUCH a late update.
I'm um.....working a lot at my part-time. And also learning how to sew. I want to cosplay as Mitsuki (in her white dress with the pink scarf and the lil' wings), Amulet Spade, and Tachikawa Kisaki!! So my work is cut out for me. ^^; My grandma is trying to teach me how to make the costumes and sew correctly but I'm just........so retarded and understand nothing. XD I feel sorry for her! >_>
Hehehe Aoi~<3 Sooo sexeh. I gave him the outfit kinda like the one in the free Route L poster. Yeah, yeah, you know the really pretty one that comes in the Full Moon artbook! That poster is so hot that I'd love to laminate it and put it ON MAH WALL!!
............but I don't wanna rip it outta the book. ;____________________;
Aoi is not very easy to draw. His hair is all crazy...>_>; It took me a few attempts to draw him right. I hope I justified his sexiness a little bit, at least.

I like Mitsuki's expression in the first panel. She looks so sweet, doesn't she? The tone for her hair kinda failed. If anyone remembers this super-minor detail, in KKJ volume three, Arina uses a really pretty and unique tone for Miyako's dark hair in ONE panel. She only used it once but I thought it looked sooo neat. But yeah, can't figure it out. lol
It's so hard to find good brushes for flowers...>_> I think I have to make my own. Ugh.

If anyone is guessing that Meroko's dream has something to do with Izumi, they'd be guessing right. XD

@Doomychan: Thanks! I don't always have confidence in the tones I choose so that means a lot. >_<

@ Riku: In regards of Takkun, YEAH HE IS. In regards of Ao-chan, YEAH HE IS! *squees along with you*

@ Yuppers.^^ I really love this part of the plot. Of course Wakaouji's there! XD Who else could Ao-chan annoy 24/7!?

@Syaoran and Eichi Fangirl: I guess you clicked on my signature, ne? XD I'm very happy. Thanks for the compliments. Every bit of praise means so much...you have no idea. Um...I use regular bright white 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper, draw everything on there, ink it using Staedtler pens of various thicknesses, scan it into my laptop and add the tones and panels in Photoshop CS 2. I loooooooooooove my Photoshop! XD

Ergh....I don't like answering spoilerish questions...but yes, MitsukixTakuto plays a huge role in this fanwork since me and the other girl who helped me write this story ship that darling couple like no tomorrow.
Before you navigate away from this page in disgust, I just want you (and other people who don't like this couple and might be reading this) to consider one thing:
This is NOT the story of Full Moon Wo Sagashite.
It's a spin-off; a completely different, new story. Everything happens differently, the characters all have very different roles apart from the originals and everyone interacts differently as well. Even their personalities are a little bit different. The relationships are all very different too. MixTak is extremely different from what it was and dare I say it-it becomes really really touching and beautiful. Younger Takuto himself is.....amazing. And so many terrible things happen to him that if people can't sympathize with him at ALL by the end of the story....well....I'll be at a loss. XD That's all I can say for now.

So....I want everyone to remember that since it is completely different, I would really love it if anti-MitxTak people could give it a chance and stick with me til the end. Or at least til the really good parts. I mean...who knows, you might even change your minds about a lot of things! Even the couple you hate.

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Reader Comments:


This is cute, I love the way you tone the pages! ^O^ And your drawings look almost the same as the original Full Moon <3

posted by Nashira on June 25th, 2008, 3:16 pm


your toning is really cool! envy!! and the comic is very cute X3

posted by tgc on June 25th, 2008, 3:57 pm


OK, just, please dont do an unbelievably sad ending for a certain guy. And yeah, Ill stick with this 'till the end! ^_^ (Once Ive begun a manga or doujinshi, it's VERY rare for me to stop XD) And have you ever used that "Manga studio 3.0" thing?? Im considering getting it, but I need some reviews on it. Thannks, and keep this up! ^_^

posted by Syaoran~and~ Eichi~Fangirl (Guest) on June 26th, 2008, 1:00 pm


Your screentoning is really pretty~ Wow you're getting me back into FMwS lol. And omfg those "first, last, etc." buttons are adorable!

posted by smtofu on July 2nd, 2008, 10:43 pm


This is really cute comic! Like smtofu said, Your screetoning is really pretty.

Mero-chaaan is sooo cute >____<

posted by Mannytsu on August 10th, 2008, 10:03 am

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